Aircraft Wheel Maintenance and Repairs

Aircraft Wheel Maintenance and Repairs

Our shop specializes in inspections, buildup, repair and exchange of wheels. Our highly skilled technicians provide outstanding inspections and maintenance services for many types of small and mid-size airplanes.

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Aircraft Wheel Buildups and Overhauls

Wheel maintenance, repair and overhaul are essential requirements to ensure an aircraft is kept in conditions of airworthiness. Our shop is a Certified Repair Station. We are a full wheel buildup and overhaul shop ready to service your airplane wheels. We are also planning to service aircraft brakes very soon.

All our buildups and overhauls are performed in accordance with the Component Maintenance Manual or other data approved by the administrator. Our certified technicians also perform complete non-destructive inspections (NDI) on your airplane wheels. After inspection, each assembly is painted with a premium mil-spec coating. This provides a corrosion barrier to prolong the life of the unit.

Aircraft Wheel Maintenance and Repairs

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About PRI-NDT Corp.

PRI-NDT Corp. has been established since 1985 and is the first Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Certified Repair Station servicing Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. We are a first-class inspection and repair facility with more than 30 years of aerospace working experience.

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Airplane Wheel Maintenance and Repairs
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